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History of the Company:


Al-Jazeera Paints Company, was established in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 1979, as a small company with high aspirations and ambitions. In a short period of time, and as a result of the vision and dedication of the founders, the efforts have succeeded in laying strong grounds for a pioneering company in the paint industry in the GCC countries and the Middle East at large. In this context, the company became a pioneer in manufacturing and developing innovative, high quality and environmentally responsible paints, designed to meet the requirements and needs of a wide range of clients including industrial, commercial and individuals.

The company capacity to manufacture high quality paints grew to reaching 400 thousand tons annually, up from merely 4 thousand tons at inception.

Al-Jazeera Paints, throughout the past years, strived to support the national economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and interacted with local communities in where it existed. The company manufactured contemporary, high quality, environmentally safe and innovative paints serving all kinds of industries, construction projects and decor.

The company paved the way to the Saudi youth to develop and improve their technical and technological knowhow by providing them with on-the-job training and through attracting them to employ with the company.

Al-Jazeera Paints Company spares no efforts in making partnerships with distinctive clients based on responsibility bearing, enhancing human resources and concerted efforts for the purpose of reaching the highest professional standards, and achieving sustainable development in the field of paint manufacturing. As a result, the company covered all areas of the Kingdom with 600 showrooms and sales centers of which their locations were carefully selected to be within reach of company clients. It furnished these showrooms with a highly trained staff that is dedicated to assist and help clients to select from a wide range of specialized and distinguished products in order to satisfy their diversified preferences and tastes.  


Al-Jazeera Paints Company continues its professional march in exploring the endless potential of paint industry technologies utilizing its production units and by realizing the best value for its products at the aim of enriching people’s lives and maximize its clients’ prosperity.

The company will stay steadfast in keeping its promise of commitment to quality, objectivity and innovation in manufacturing all its products along with professionalism that the company can work through it to  realize excellence and increase its capabilities to reach the highest international standards.


About the company:

Throughout more than 35 years of professional experience, Al-Jazeera Paints, the paints industry giant in the Middle East and adjoining regions, has experienced many successes which were beneficial for our national economy and realized exceptional achievements:

1 - The company was crowned as the first paint company outside the United States of America with the International (Green Seal) certificate for sustainable green buildings according to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) classification. We have manufactured high quality paints, environmentally responsible and one that preserve the consumer and the environment.

2 - The company was crowned as the first company in Asia and Africa with UL certificate for our fire resistant products using Intumescing Technology. We were also crowned with a certificate from Exova Warrington fire Laboratories for the same products making the Kingdom becoms in the forefront in the world of paints side by side with the industrial countries. This has led the Kingdom to play a prominent role in preserving lives, properties and in protecting large projects from collapsing.

3 - Our company’s name was the first paint company to be included in the international MPI list as a result of passing of our products of a number of organization tests .

4- The list of more than 100 Saudi popular brand name included  our AL-Jazeera paints  company and was the only paint company in the list.

 5-We got the occupational health and safety management certificates OHSAS18001 as well as previously got the ISO certificate for environmental management 14001  and ISO 9001 for Quality Management in addition to Saudi Arabia quality certificate.

6- Throughout the years, we were competitively in line with the needs and wants of our clients in regard to all kinds  of paints and related services, consequently we had an assortment of architectural, decorative, industrial, marine paints along with protective paints, wood paints, fire resistant paints and others.

7- We have increased our production capacity to about 400 thousand tons annually by establishing the first of its kind fully automotive factory which utilizes the latest international technologies to manufacture environmentally safe water-based paints. The factory commenced operations in mid of 1993 with a production capacity of only 4000 tons.

8– We established the first of its kind natural research and study center in 1993 where all the fields testing, experiments and inspection take place thus making sure that the products are in line with the Middle East weather conditions which tend to be hot as a result of sunshine throughout the year.

9– We developed an R&D center that emulates the most advanced R&D centers in the world and invested tens of millions of SRs in it. We also furnished it with high competencies of engineers and technicians who are entrusted to innovate the latest and most advanced products thus meeting our esteemed clients’ expectations and requirements.

10 – We launched the first mobile training center equipped with samples, tools and training means and toured the Kingdom as an integral step to the work of the central training academy which all are for free.

11– We established the first paints training and educational academy in the Arabic Gulf region and the Middle East that strived to bridge the gap between academic research and application on the ground  along with providing the latest in the world of paints and increase scientific research exchange with universities and specialized authorities as well as organizing joint researches. The company assumed the organization of scientific conferences related to paints and colors and participated in international, regional and local conferences. The academy was equipped with the latest equipment and technical training tools and works according to the latest practical and applicable scientific methodologies. We also established branches for the academy all over the Kingdom.

12 – We organized the first ,  the second , the third and the fourth  Saudi Paint and Colors conferences  named the  day of  Interior Architecture( paints &colors )  based on our solid vision of the necessity to enrich scientific research in the world of paints.

13 – We enhanced our presence in the gulf in the field of metals anti-corrosion by providing anti-corrosion and rust products that prolongs the life span of the metals. Moreover we participated in the Middle East Anti-Corrosion conference held in Manama-Bahrain.

14- We changed the classical look of paints through innovating a decorative bundle that was much celebrated by our esteemed clients including our first of its kind external paint (Al-Jazeera Thilal) which resists  dirt, sand and harsh weather conditions along with our lineup of products including (Al-Jazeera Worood, Al-Jazeera Rawa’a, Al-Jazeera Ebdaa, Al-Jazeera Khayal, Al-Jazeera Goldy, Al-Jazeera Chamois, Al-Jazeera Velvet, Al-Jazeera Fantasy, Al-Jazeera Marmo, Al-Jazeera Rowshen).

15 – We bonded parents and their children by offering a special paint for children rooms and made sure it was safe and healthy.

16 -  We celebrated heritage and gave it a good deal of our attention as it is important for our esteemed clients through a new and unique innovative product that grants the modern houses a clayish look, dubbed it Al-Jazeera Mashashco.

17– We have developed a special kind of paint that combats graffiti on walls of buildings which violates the values and norms of the society, dubbed it  (Al-Jazeera Rival).

18– We manufactured the strongest and the latest paint that fights microbes in surgery and delivery rooms in hospitals. The new product is based on silver ions and accredited by International Agion Labs dubbed (Al-Jazeera Anti-Microbes Agion).

19– In line with our strive to preserve public health and safeguard the environment, we were the first Saudi paints company that manufactures paint for ships that resist marine fouling with no TBT component which is harmful for marine environment and health of men who live of fishing.

20- we have launched our creative bundle (smart paints ) that combines sustainability , effectiveness , multi missions and prime super durability such as (  AL-Jazeera Oxi Care ) , (AL-Jazeera fire dump ) , (AL-Jazeera Afro ) , (AL-Jazeera Ultimate ) and (AL-Jazeera Royal Grand ) .

21 – We issued the first e-catalog in the world of paints and launched two e-applications, for colors and décor on smart phones ( I Jazeera ) and ( I décor ). We established a color center in our showrooms to assist in selecting the right colors and decoration that are highly unique and modern that embody the aspirations of all society segments.

22 – We have created a quantum leap in the methods of displaying of paints through more than 600 outlets in and out of the Kingdom which are unique furnished with high end decorations and enjoys a spacious area along with a special design that meets the needs of our esteemed clients and capture their attention.

23– We put our print on a number of government, private, health, educational, commercial, touristic and universities projects in yet a solid proof of the quality of our products including large projects in King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center which is a part of ARAMCO, Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman and King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

24 - We attracted the  Saudi competencies and provided a work environment that encourages innovation and excellence to enable our ambitious employees to excel and develop. We hired national cadre from people with special needs. And we continued our strive to instill work ethics in youth through organizing annual meetings with large numbers of them.



Always looking forward to new horizons in the manufacturing and technology of paints along with maximizing the benefits of our products to enrich people’s lives and prosperity.


To provide products and services in the field of paint manufacturing in a way that meets clients desires and needs as well as to emulate the developments in the field for the sake of fulfilling these desires now and in the future.


a. Commitment

b. Dedication

c. Objectivity

d. Creativity and Innovation

e. Team Spirit


1. We strive to be a leading and competitive paint company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region , the Middle East and Africa .  

2. Achieve partnership with clients and society at large that stems from the spirit of responsibility and uplifting  the national industrial sector along with development of the human resources.

3. Realizing the highest quality standards and excellence through knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm and commit to performance and balanced growth.

Company General Policy:

- The Company utilizes high quality raw materials in its production and performs conclusive testing and experimental procedures before being put to production and usage.

- Al-Jazeera Paints invests  in its human resources and employs qualified and experienced staff yet helps the company to  deal with the market and preserve company pioneering position.

- It utilizes the best equipment and the most advanced machinery in its production operations.

- It equips and activates R&D and quality control labs using the available resources.

- The company adheres to standards and specifications of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization along with American Specifications and Standards and the ISO in all its products.


Sales general management :

After the establishment of AL -J zeeraa factory in AL-Sharka ,Dubai  in 1986 , it was very necessary to have a management able to lead the sales and marketing action , support the efforts of the manufacturing and production management , achieve the goals which the factory was started for and domain a large marketing area for AL-Jazeera paints in the paints markets in the Middle East and the Gulf .

Sales general management was one of the earliest managements in the factory and getting quickly to the citizen and the customer was  one of its priorities so it formed well experienced  and distinctive competencies  sales work team  with rooted belief in the company’s mission  and goals .At this time ,  it was runed from Riyadh , the capital city , and transformed into Khamis Mushayt , Aseer region  , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is the main office up  till now .

Because of the company’s sales development and because of the huge increase for getting authorization all over the kingdom and because of the company’s desire to offer the best  technical and marketing services to the customers  , the first regional management was established in the central region in 1997 in Riyadh. After that,  many regional  managements were founded in   the western region , the eastern region  and the southern region , then other regional managements were added in AL-Madina , Tbouk ,  AL-Baha region  , AL-Goaf and in the northern region,  and another regional management was founded in Dubai , URE as well in order to offer the best and the fastest services .

It was necessary for the AL-Jazeera paints company to match the Kingdom’s huge infrastructure of economical  and social  serving projects to establish the first specialized management for projects in the central region in 2004 , followed this , establishing other specialized  managements  in the other regions,  so it necessitated establishing another general management for projects which is considered as one of the components of the general management of sales , achieved much  distinctive success by succeeding the largest  strategic projects both private and government ones , supported by technical and marketing work teams   with scientific and technical skills and competencies .

Because excellence & exclusivity were and will stay AL-Jazeera nature and goal  and seeing that the previous showrooms of AL-Jzeera which were not more than  warehouses accumulated with paints  without care of the display means  and the preamble  of the show to greet the customers   . The General Administration head had the  start in creating the idea of the establishment of the selection of shows in distinctive locations with wide space and attractive and impressive décor, reflecting  the diversity and beauty of AL-Jazeera paints with its colors and multi types and preamble of the showrooms to greet the clients and their families and these showrooms have spread all over the Kingdom . This excellence has become unique not only in the Kingdom but also all over the paints markets in the Middle East and the adjoining regions  .

The general management of sales includes the advertisement management , logistic services management , technical support management , exporting management , sales planning management and the customers’ services and the follow up management , under its supervision .

Projects  management :

 To match the enormous development and expansion of the real estate , the AL-Jazeera paints has established special department for projects in the central region as a base to cover this huge department . Through this department , it began offering the best solutions & features to the projects in which it participated as strategic  national partner , its first concern is to endow benefit to the Kingdom to make it developed and prosperous as it is national , purely company realizes the nature of the country , its climate and weather ,  its requirements and users of these projects and connected this to what the developed  world has achieved in the techniques of paints field rather than color psychology and their psychological effects .  The next step was establishing other projects departments in the eastern region , the western region and the southern region including all cadres to contribute through its participation in the projects and offering the products , color solutions , color advice in building and development in all sections especially housing , health and education sections . In view of the magnitude of the size of the projects to get AL- Jazeera Paints appropriations for the entry and participation for the adoption of the latest technologies , inspection paints department which is dependent to projects sales management   has been established  in order to provide technical services at the projects sites  and training on the ideal methods in paints applying  , providing solutions for constructive problems and writing scientific reports by qualified engineers getting the most modern courses to fulfill these tasks very properly .

AL-Jazeeera paints has adopted the green buildings revolution through projects sales . As a result , it was the first company to gain the sustainable  green seal certificate , whereas it combined between the high quality and the environmental responsibility , where it paved the way to participate in one of the biggest projects in the Middle East  which is Nora Bint Abdul Rahman university and other giant projects .

The management of sales projects  has contributed in many conferences, lectures , scientific experiments and seminars inside and outside the Kingdom as representative to Al-Jazeera paints  and enhancing to its pioneering social role . The company is keen on appending , through the projects management sales , many engineers from different fields  with AL-Jazeera academy to the latest information and to acquaint with the most modern technology concerning paints and their techniques   believing in the value of science and training for the people of this country and the promotion of its  community  role .

Proudly,  sales department has participated in the current boom of the enterprise sector in the Kingdom:

-Mataf project at the Holy Makka Mosque

-Al Shamia project

- Jeddah Sporting city

-King Abdulah  centre for petroleum researches (KAPSARK)-

-SAR train

-Princess Nora University

-King ABDULLAH Financial Centre (KFD )

-Reforms projects

-Social Insurance Project

-Information &Telecommunication Compound Project (ITCC)

-National Guard Villas Project


The Main Classification of the products :

The products:

The company produces different kinds of paints suitable to different kinds of weather , whether in the Arabian Peninsula or  similar geographic areas in parts of the globe, the company’s productions are featured with quality and elegance look and maintaining the environment though traditionally initiation in its entirety and a little bit in the kinds and their own identity, but in a continuous quest to march  innovative free products, which could harm the organism and its environment on the globe . Colorful and diversified of the company's products get their own identity until it became by  the dozens , the company received certificates from reputable international sources on the efficiency of their products in their applications ,

‘And it  culminated its products with Paints sustainable green buildings and smart paints , the march will never  stop  to find other types of the products  characterized by  quality & beauty   and  healthier and cleaner  environment.

Architectural paints and wood:

-Architecture paints

-Decorative paints


-Anti carboization paints

-Wood paints

Protection paints

-floors paints

-industrial paints

-Anti -  flame spread paints

-Roads paints

-Insulation paints

-Tanks lining paints

-Marine paints

General information about AL-Jazeera paints company:

-8 production units

-6 raw materials warehouses

-3 manufactured products warehouses

-1778 employees  working for  the company

-The production capacity amounts increased to 400,000 tons annually and AL-Jazeera paints is featured by wide  spread and covered by a wide network of branches and agents that cover the whole of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a number of Arabic and  African countries.

Research and Development  Centre:

The research and development centre  is based on two main sections  in developing the products:

1- paint production and application department:

This department is responsible for the greatest part of the work and it provides  several  new formulas led by research and development engineers all in his major in order to develop  new  methods and experiments to rise and to increase the quality to the current products or to change colors or looking for new colors  and  responding to all the needs of the market and the clients in terms of the color and the product . 

2-  tests and control of  the physical and chemical specifications for paint department:

This department is concerned with doing tests to make sure the product is identical to the highest international and local standards , in addition to research and development centre,  whereas the researches are done on the following :

1-Natural researches and studies centre :

It relies on exposing the paints to natural and environmental weather conditions to get results identical to the fact .

2- quality control laboratory :

It is considered as one of the most important laboratories in standing maintain quality of the paint and confirm conformity in every time with standard samples.

  In the last quarter of 2014, the AL-Jazeera paints  adopted a new technology for the production called Paint industry technology by pendants which are in turn all the contents of the solid paints to liquid and to complete the process by mixing it to complete the paint ready, one of the most  modern methods that have a significant impact on energy saving and the maintaining of environment represented for the entire plant with maintaining the quality of the paint every time .


The AL-Jazeera paints factory includes production units and warehouses for raw materials and other ready-made products .

Production units :

In 1996 , two production units for water and enamel paints have been constructed , seeing to the development and the increase of the production for the local markets , another new production unit has been added  in 1996 and by adding new kinds  to the production in 1998 , other two units have also been constructed , and because of the rapid increase and development in the last decade to cover the requirements of the local and international markets , new developed and modern  production   units have been added . At the end of 2013 , the total number of production units became 6 units for the production of different kinds of paints and at the end of 2014 , two new units have been operated to produce different kinds of paints in high quality and modern technology methods  stepping the number to 8 production units located on a land area of not less than about 10 000 square meters .

Teams work engineering  efforts are combined  in the selection of manufacturing machines  and determine the technical specifications and their technical characteristics and its production capacity , herein ,  it   was the choice of the  leading companies to manufacture these known micro-niche proven techniques of machines in this field .  The  factory  started the production with machines simple in their potential and a few in number and  traditional and composition , then  began the  development of the production of distinct new machines in their  technology and with the continuous renewable of the machines , they came to the conclusion of choosing machines featured by high capability and distinctive techniques features . Update not only stop at the choice of instruments, but goes beyond it to run these machines systems also automatically.

The conclusion of its  work ,  was the last expansion that led to the creation of a special paint factory only for paints to operate all its  instruments and equipment automatically and economically manner . The factory began its work aimed at achieving what it aimed to for  the environment, for  human life and economic investment to eliminate waste materials and environmental pollution Services.

Repositories  of raw materials / readymade products :

The repositories  matched the production development  and the increased the number of units  in line with increased productive capacity. Perhaps the  start of  one unit  for temporary storage of raw materials used in production ,  was the first step in this march . Then they  soon multiplied and had a key role to be classified according to their nature, use and quantity , the technical thought and the scientific methods  in storage and methods and the classification of the materials , all these resulted in the construction of tanks  to store the  liquid raw materials and dry  raw materials  transferred to the liquid nature , and good circulation mechanism in a manner to achieve the goal of publication in maintaining clean and healthy environment and to increase the total area of storage of raw materials of all kinds to five thousand square meters and the  circulation of the finished products of various kinds dynamically (dynamic)  has great  importance in  the follow-edge  of the latest modern technologies in distinctive modalities and methods used in the delivery of  finished products to our customers where limited and modern systems are used for the temporary storage to occupy the smallest space and the easy formation and the simple performance . The total area of the storage area with all its models is up to 4000m².

The company uses different raw materials in kinds . Since the raw materials have great effect  on the products reflecting on the environment specially and the human life in general  , the company uses raw materials free from harm in its products , so these materials are submit to tests  and inspection to make sure of its specifications before receiving them and temporary storage in the warehouses according to modern  storage methods . The company is interested in circulating , transporting and using these raw materials with methods  that can achieve  occupational health and safety requirements .


Production control :

Qualified engineers take the charge of the continuous control  , and they do all their best in performing the necessary tests and  measurements to help to establish the examination of raw materials, production processes and product quality using the company’s  labs which are famous for its accurate and comprehensive equipment and this includes :


-Raw materials and compliance with specifications that are characterized by their  use.

The progress of the  production processes to make sure they achieve their manufacturing techniques, occupational health and safety conditions .

-  the Products and  their match to their  specifications and characteristics .

AL-Jazeera paints Academy :

-AL-Jazeera paints academy is the first technical academy in teaching paints in the Kingdom and the  Middle East.

-AL-Jazeera paints , the giant in  high quality paints industry in the Kingdom and the Middle East , is keen on offering  Unique package of services to its customers inside and outside the Kingdom  and matching all the new and developed in the world of paints and seeking to contribute and develop the local society in the Southern region specially and the other regions of the Kingdom in general , the company has constructed the AL-Jazeera academy at the beginning of 2012 to be the first of its kind in the Middle East and the adjoining regions ,  provided by the most modern equipment and tools for training working according to the most modern scientific , practical and applied curriculum that are approved locally and internationally .

Its objectives:

- Developing the curriculums ,levels and ways of training and training courses to fit the size and the value of the company and its future hopes and expanding the base of trainees to include the entire employees of the company  and its agents to  access training to all parts of the Kingdom through mobile training centers ( training vehicles ) communication and the exchange of knowledge with universities and technical colleges and scientific research institutions and the establishment of Saudi  Conference for paints &colors  periodically and serving all the classes of  the  local society  and increasing  the scientific  and technical awareness in the fields of industry and paints  , and issuing the books and   journals specialized in the world of paints and scientific and research partnership with the highest  research institutions in the world of paints at the international level like :

Paint quality institute Dow – USA



-AL-Jazeera paints academy courses:

- Construction paints courses

  - Industrial paints courses

- Decorative paints courses

- Preparing and checking surfaces courses – wood paints courses

- Production supervisors courses

- colors science courses

- Color machine courses

- Décor art courses

- Projects managers courses

- Engineering constructions engineers courses

-Décor engineers courses

-The environment & green buildings courses

- Floor paints courses

 -  Paints and insulation systems courses

- painters courses in applying the paints the modern way

- wood paints courses

- Production supervisors courses

- colors science courses

- Color machine courses

- Décor art courses

- Construction paints courses

- Industrial paints courses

- Decorative paints courses

- Preparing and checking surfaces courses

The 4th Saudi conference for paints 2015  / Dammam:

Due to the success of the conference on the local and international levels and after it had become an annual steady event and important to distinguish the presence of the latest technical and technological information in the world of paints and colors and the participation of the most important interlocutors specialists and executives at the global level , fourth Conference (paints and colors in 2015 ) was held in partnership between the AL-Jazeera paints academy  and the University of Dammam - Interior Architecture Department in the period from 29-30 / 4/2015 which was marked by the presence of all segments of the industry interested in the world of paints .

The 3rd Saudi conference for paints and colors 2014/ Jeddah

-The 2nd Saudi conference for paints and colors 2013/ Riyadh

-The academy’s participation in the international conferences  Specialized in  paints and colors:

The AL-Jazeera paints academy participated in many international conferences , which are specialized in the world of paints through offering work sheets which seek for the newest in the world of paints environmentally responsible  and smart paints  so it participated in ICIS conference in Holland and Green Coats conferences in the U.S.A . IN  2013 . 2014 . 2015 and the 1st Saudi conference for paints in2012 in Abha .


The AL-Jazeera paints academy ,  the first specialized academy specialized in training and teaching how to manufacture and apply paints in the Middle East, organized the first Saudi conference for paints ,  coats and colors in 2012 , this was held in Abha palace hotel in Abha and in the head of the academy in Khamis Mushait from 5th to 7th of May 2012 to the earliest work and real  incarnation to its aims and objectives .

The four interlocutors of the conference that  held five workshops have covered the most important trends in the fields of paints and applying them , one of these interlocutors discussed paints and their quality , the second one discussed the green buildings and their role in protecting the environment , the third one highlighted the colors , their effects and their choices  and   the fourth conference devoted to concrete defects and disadvantages of iron (rust) and its impact on the paint . The conference was attended by  experts ,  scientists and specialists from universities and , regional and local companies. It introduced 17 scientific papers  , and focused on colors and the inspections and testing of paints and touched the face of the current challenges to health and environmental protection and public safety levels


Administration affairs & human resources management:

The administration affairs & the human recourses management was established since the foundation of AL-Jazeera paints company and it is responsible for  Workforce management and specializes in bringing staff and selection, training, evaluation and reward staff and follow-up leadership and organizational culture of the region and to make sure the compliance  to the labor laws Bureau of Administration and Human Resources in the company is working to achieve the best use, if not the best human resources working in the company through a strategy includes the vision and the goals and objectives, policies and all are in the overall strategy of the company . The Bureau of Administration and Human Resources is one of the key departments in the company that takes the contemporary thought administrative and concentrated its work on all human resources working within the company. They are interested in everything related to human resources before joining the work in terms of planning to specifications and so joining the work until the end of the services.

The number of staff of the Department of Management and human resources has been developed where the staff seemed only two to up to 23 employees in 2015 and has evolved from the   old use of working paperwork system to a system working and archiving Electronically .

The Bureau of Administration and Human Resources are divided into the following sections:

- Wages and salaries section

- Public and governmental and external relations section

- Employment and seizure administrative section

- Machinery and vehicle section

- Insurance services section

- Security guards section

Industrial safety management and support services :

Containing an integrated system of qualified and trained cadres according to local and international regulations and they  have contributed to obtain variety of  certificates  from occupational safety system OHSAS 18001 :2007 and the ISO in  management of the environment . Individually , the human resources have been well qualified  for advanced degrees in the same field,  the most important  testimony is  NFPA in diverse fields and so is a certificate from UTO  to  complete the management system in accordance with the generally accepted technical principals . The administrative restructuring includes the following sections :

  • First , Industrial safety :
  • Occupational safety : aims  at the application of safety standards to protect the employees ,  visitors and facilities  .  It has set up intensive and awareness training programs and issuing booklets and videos to explain the safety instructions and carry out experiments for evacuation and rescue operations in addition to providing all professional requirements in accordance with the highest international standards .
  • Protecting the environment : aims at continuity of the company's vision in its commitment to protect the environment as religious and national duty starting from the choice of materials friend of the environment through their production within the production halls and the lack of damage to the worker in the factory and ending with the arrival of the client to ensure protection and safety of everyone as well as the company's commitment to non-industrial and threw paper, plastic waste and the like and benefit from the participation of the leading manufacturers in this field .
  • Projects and maintenance of safety systems :
  • This section oversees all the company's projects at home and abroad to ensure the completion of the alarm system and fire systems according to the local and the international systems, and follow-up maintenance on an ongoing basis to ensure effectiveness in the event of any emergency God forbid .

Second : logistic services include the following :

- Electric Works

- plumbing works

- Project supervision

Staff housing : processing units required and the rooms needed for the new employment are prepared and determined to meet all the needs and requirements of employees housing and verification of readiness and suitability to the specifications of the necessary housing for workers in the company, and securing the necessary requirements in the case of an emergency like rescuing the patients and providing transportation for their own requirements.

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