Saudi Four Paints and colors conference 2015

Dammam April 29 - 30th Crowning the past three conferences that proceeded, the Day of Interior Architect (Paints & Colors2015) comes with a clear development inasmuch it collaborates the efforts of partnership between Al Dammam University – Planning & Architect College – Interior Architect Department and Al-Jazeera Paints Company. The Paints & Colors 2015 Day will be a Par Excellence House where 25 researchers from 10 different countries led by the Kingdom will present all of their expertise in the field of paints & colors within three pillars: Colors, Sustainable Green Buildings and Paints Technology. The quality added-value is manifested in the existence of the publications department in addition to the symposiums. 26 researches will be presented in the form of publications where students of the department and experts will speak directly about their researches.

Saudi Paints and colors conference III 2014

Jeddah April 15-17th Conference call for papers Al-Jazeera Paints (leading manufacturer of high quality paints in the Middle East and neighboring regions) had established Al-Jazeera Paints Academy as the first Paints and Coatings specialized training institute in the Middle East welling to provide a distinguished and accredited knowledge of the technical and practical paints and coatings for the community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Middle East. The academy is well furnished and well equipped with state of art painting workshops and teaching halls and well educated staff. This operates according to the latest scientific and practical universally adopted methods. After the success that has been achieved for the first and the second Saudi paints and colors conference that were held in KSA and in which a Varity of papers and presenters have participated from KSA and Arab countries and Europe Al-Jazeera Paints Academy is calling for papers to be presented at the “Saudi third paints and colors Conference“, which will take place in April 15-17th 2014 in Jedah- Kingdome of Saudi Arabia). National and international academic and practical research centers, universities and technical associations, are kindly invited and strongly encouraged to submit abstracts detailing a technical contributions to this event. Within the following: • Colors • Up-to-date Paints and raw materials quality and testing procedures • Green buildings • Eco responsible Paints Please send an abstract (not more than 120 words) and CV to the following E-mail before 15/12/2013

Saudi second Paints and colors conference 2013

2nd Saudi Paints and Colors conference 2013 commenced its activities in Al Riyadh with the participation of 28 researchers and experts from a number of Arabic and foreign countries and more than 450 Engineers, Consultants and Construction stakeholders. Al-Jazeera paints, the high quality paint industry giant in the Middle East and surrounding regions organizes this conference which prolongs for three days and was held in Prince Sultan Hall in Al Faisaliyah hotel. This conference is another step forward in the development of the paint industry in the Kingdom. We have expanded it quantitatively and qualitatively as the number of research papers reached 28 discussing a number of topics, among them; Colors and Psychological Impact, Paints: Quality, Testing Methods and Raw Material, Environment and Green Buildings Paints and Surfaces and Coating (Concrete, Metals, and Wood)." Also, more researchers and experts from several scientific institutes, universities, industrial sector and construction stakeholders hailing from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Britain, Spain and Germany are participating in the conference. In a keynote speech during the inauguration of the conference, Mr. Saud Bin Abdullah Al Romaih, Al-Jazeera Paints General Manager explained that the organizing of the 2nd paints and colors conference stems from a solid conviction at Al-Jazeera Paints regarding the necessity to enrich scientific research. He further said that the outstanding success of the first Saudi conference for paints and colors which was held in Abha city during last may encouraged us to hold the 2nd conference. He noted that the company looks forward to contribute to enhance the culture of high quality paints through this conference as well as to play a prominent role in preserving the buildings and premises along with its contents and increase its life expectancy in the construction, industrial sectors and of all segments of the society in the Kingdom.

First Saudi Paints and Colors Conference 2012

Al-Jazeera Paints Academy, the first specialized training and education of paints application academy in the Middle East organization the “First Saudi Paints and Colors 2012 conference ” during the period 5-7,May 2012 in Abha city, the academy HQ in KhameisMsheit, yetbecoming its first activity which embodies its strategy and goals of establishment. The four pillars of the conference covered the most important trends in the field of paints and their applicationcover five sessions. One of the pillars tackled the issue paint testing and quality and the second pillar discussed the green buildings paints and their role in preserving the environment. The third pillar shed the light on color and their impacts and how to select them while the fourth focused on concrete and its defects along with corrosion of the steel and its impact on paint. Many scientists, experts and specialists from several universities, authorities and local and regional companies presented 17scintiafic papers focusing on colors and paints testing technologies. They also tackled current challenges in regards to health, environment, protection and public safety and how to encounter them.

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