Frequently Asked Questions

When was Al-Jazeera Paints Co. established?

Al Jazeera Paints was founded in 1979 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a small business but with big dreams. Within a short period of time , and through the founders vision &dedication to achieve a balanced growth : a solid foundation has been established for a reputable and leading company in manufacturing paints in the Middle East. Therefore, the company was able to assume a leadership position in the development and production of innovative, top quality products distinguished with environmentally responsible whether they are industrial or commercial or personal ones which adequately designed to cater for specific requirements and needs of a wide sector of clients . Currently, the company`s capacity in producing a diverse array of quality products is about 400,000 tons per year compared with 4,000 tons per year upon inception.The company, throughout the past years, continued to support the national economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its interaction with local communities in where it existed. The company signed a nanotechnology research & development agreement with King Saud University, the most advanced of its kind in the world, for the purposes of manufacturing contemporary, high quality, environmentally safe and innovative paints and making them available to serve all kind of industries, construction projects and decor.Al-Jazeera Paints paved the way to the Saudi youth to develop and improve their technical and technological skills by providing them with on-the-job training and through attracting the well qualified Saudis as well. Al-Jazeera Paints company spares no efforts in making partnerships with distinctive clients based on responsibility bearing, enhancing human resources and combining efforts for the purpose of reaching the highest professional standards, and achieving sustainable development in the field of manufacturing of paint. As a result, the company covered all areas of the Kingdom with 650 showrooms and sales centers of which their locations were carefully selected to be within reach of company clients. It furnished these showrooms with a highly trained staff that works on assisting and helping clients in selecting from a wide range of specialized and distinguished products in order to satisfy their diversified preferences and tastes.

What are the main achievements of Al-Jazeera Paints Co.?

Throughout its 33 years of professional experience, Al-Jazeera Paints - the paints industry giant in the Middle East and surrounding regions - has experienced many successes which were beneficial for our national economy and realized exceptional achievements: • The company was crowned as the first paint company outside of the United States of America with the Green Seal certificate for sustainable green buildings according to Leadership energy and Environmental Design (LEED) classification. It manufactured high quality paints,environmentally responsible and one that preserve the consumer and the environment. • Al-Jazeera Paints is the first paints company to be awarded the Global Certificate in Asia&Africa for its fire-resistant product by using the “IN TUMESCENT” technology (Exova-Warrington fire). • The company established the first training academy in the Middle East equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and training tools performing according to the most advanced scientific methodologies. The company also established training branches in all different areas in the Kingdom. • Based on its deep-rooted vision to enrich scientific research in the field of paints, the company signed an agreement with King Saud University, represented by King Abdullah Nanotechnology Institute, to cooperate and perform scientific researches and explorations in the field of nanotechnology applications, the most advanced technological domains of the 21st century. • The company manufactures all kind of paints products internally in accordance with the Saudi standards and specifications (SASO) regimes. • The company implements collective quality management systems and obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. • Over the years, the company competitively lines up with the needs and wants of its esteemed clients in regard to the types of paints they look for and in regard to providing them with the best services. Its products included architectural, decorative, industrial, marine, protective paints,wood paints and fire resistant paints. • In 1993, the company established the first of its kind center in the Middle East for natural researches and studies, whereby tests, researches and examinations are performed in the field in line with the environment and weather conditions of the Middle East which tend to have high temperatures and a shining sun most of the year. • The company has developed a center for research and development that emulates the most advanced international research centers. The company has invested tens of millions of SAR and provided it with high competencies of engineers and technicians entrusted to develop highly innovative products in line with modern day requirements and clients' needs.

Why did you adopt the trend towards green buildings?

We adopt the trend towards green buildings due to our role and social responsibility of preserving the environment & human health, in compliance with the concept of green buildings with our trends at this level. It is known that many of the countries of the world are moving to green construction, especially after the Earth Summit held in December 2009 AD, Copenhagen that revealed an urgent need to reduce the size of carbon dioxide emissions and increase the green area in the world to stop the phenomenon of global warming, as a result of greenhouse gas emissions, and here we see the need to raise the awareness about the culture of green buildings and sustainable constructions so as to encourage such concept to be used in our region, especially the region is experiencing a great real estate boom.

What do you think application of the concept of green buildings shall add?

I think application of the concept of green buildings in a number of countries in the world has become a platform for the adoption of any building or a new real estate project due to its great benefits in the field of construction and the provision of energy, water plus the safety & protection of environment, and as such some regional countries, huge companies have adopted the establishment of major projects based on standards of sustainable green buildings, including King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and the King Abdullah Financial District. Surely , the interior environment for green buildings is more better than the interior environment of normal buildings that do not abide by environmental requirements, because it is characterized by natural light , renewal & purity of air within them, besides painting them with safe paints for the environment, which is reflected on the health and safety of residents of these buildings ,and I expect the trend towards sustainable green buildings acquire considerable momentum by being adopted from specialists of architects, builders, contractors and some others, and I call for all those who are interested in constructions to consolidate the concepts of sustainable environment and raise awareness of its importance for safety &healthy life.

What is the (Green Seal) and why you have chosen it to test your products?

This organization internationally recognized by all experts and specialists, as the best in its scope of work for the professionalism and integrity, reliability and fairness, through a surprise inspection of the plant to make sure of its commitment to the standards of granting its testimony, thus we extremely keen in Al-Jazeera Paints to cooperate with it since the beginning of 2008, from our duty and responsibility in preservation of the environment, safety and human health.

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