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AL-Jazeera Paints Inaugurates a Showroom in the Governorate of AL-Shanan, Hail Region

October 31, 2016

Meets the Aspirations of Its Habitués of the Finest Types of Paints and Colors

Al-Jazeera Paints, giant in manufacturing high quality paints in the Kingdom and the Middle East, has inaugurated a new showroom at AL-Shanan governorate in Hail region. The new showroom will assume providing consultations to the clients, consumers and paint implement technicians to achieve their aspirations, satisfying their ambitions, as well as meeting their requirements and providing their needs of various kinds and colors of paints.
The showroom inauguration was attended by, Sheikh Mashy bin Heji Jardan and a number of provincial officials and dignitaries, as well as a number of employees of the company, led by Mr.Mohammed Allawi, AL-Qassim and Hail regions sales director, along with a crowd of guests.
For his part, Mr.Abdullah bin Saud Al-Romaih, general director of AL-Jazeera Paints Company, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the officials and guests for honoring the inauguration ceremony, pointing out that the showroom is designed according to the latest global display, considered a new step to provide superior service to AL-Jazeera Paints clients and approach them more, continuing to promote the company's obligation as a national leader company and its contribution to the construction boom and upgrading in various regions of the Kingdom and its cities.
The showroom’s habitués, of highly taste, will be able to obtain  all what they look forward to of the finest, high-quality and superb paints under one roof, as well as enjoying shopping because of the decorative ,colorful, breathtaking, very beautiful and attractive designs .
The showroom contains samples of the latest products of the company from exterior and interior decorative paints and wood and other paints, in addition to the traditional session, decorated with AL-Jazeera traditional paint Mashashco. The showroom is provided with the proper furniture, so that visitors can imagine what their homes will be, with their décor, colors and choosing appropriate paints and colors for each room. The showroom, subordinated to Areef Minaret Establishment, the company’s agent, is located in the main street in Al-shanan city.
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