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More than 20 programs for joint cooperation on the Research Table Between Asir Educational Department and AL-Jazeera Paints

December 08, 2016

Within Its Vision for Sustainable Community Partnership

Within its vision to establish a sustainable community partnership, general manager of Education in Asir Province, Mr.Glowey bin Mohammed Al-Korkoman and general manager of Al-Jazeera Paints Company Mr.Abdullah bin Saud AL-Romaih reviewed about 20 programs for mutual cooperation between the department of education in the region and AL-Jazeera paints company. 
During a joint meeting at the headquarters of administration in Abha, Asir education department, offered a presentation for its programs titled (partnership for home), initiated by historical brief for successful models of programs and joint events between them, then discussed the opportunities and programs for future cooperation on the level of community-based initiatives and training and annual events, while AL-Jazeera Paints offered a number of training programs carried out by Al-Jazeera Paints Academy.
The two parties agreed to prepare understanding note for a strategic partnership between them, including cooperation frameworks, programs, studies and events that they will develop together servicing to the community, to be signed soon.
Al-Korkoman, showed the importance of establishing effective partnerships between the two sectors: the educational and the private, to enhance the role of community and contributing to the preparation and qualification of national cadres and competencies to lead business wheel in various sectors including the private sector, and qualifying promising generations.
For his part, the general manager of AL-Jazeera Paints, valuated Mr.Al Korkoman’s invitation, emphasizing his belief in the necessity of efforts’ support and cooperation between various sectors to serve the community in the homeland of all, he said:"I had the honor to meet the kind invitation of his Excellency, general manager of Education in Asir, through where I met a number of educational leaders in the region and discussed opportunities for joint cooperation, including utility and usefulness returning on our students male and female, "and added:" all of us realize the importance of providing an adequate educational environment to discover the talents of students and develop their abilities to be responsible and dependable men in the future, continue the process of developing, building it and keeping pace with the requirements of this age and facing the growing challenges in our world. "
At the end of the visit, the general manager of education in Asir, honored AL-Jazeera Paints Company, and handed honor shield to its general manager.
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