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AL-Jazeera Paints’ Professionalism Leads to Create 2017/18 Colors

December 28, 2016

Reached in Cooperation with the Most Prominent Color Experts

As usual, AL-Jazeera Paints, produces innovative and inspiring ideas and visions from time to time demonstrating its professionalism, expertise and worthiness to continue leading the paint market in the region and perched on the throne of this market, and its commitment to quality, sustainability, innovation and technology, ensuring in each time, that its main concern is focused on meeting the aspirations of its customers and achieving their ambitions and promoting their satisfaction.
This time, its innovation is as colorful as life and the environment around us, not limited to black and white, but full of colors. From this point, AL-Jazeera paints gifted its customers in the kingdom, Middle East and North Africa, colors of 2017/18 and celebrated them exclusively with visitors to its pavilion at the Big Five Exhibition (BIG5), which was held recently in Dubai, in a unique sign for Paints company, considered famous in the region, be aware of, knows the tastes and culture of its people and understands their requirements.
These meanings are confirmed by Mr.Wael bin Mohammed AL-Romaih, deputy general manager for marketing and communication in the company, saying: "We are in AL-Jazeera Paints always keen on introducing joy and pleasure into the hearts of our valued customers, through everything related to paints such as: quality, the range of available products, the latest colors in the market, and all other services related to paints and colors, and adds saying: “according to this, our experts and in collaboration with some of the most prominent color experts in the region and the world, conducted a series of extensive research on the colors, and succeeded in getting the best 44 colors for the years 2017/18 and we would like these colors to touch and simulate the feelings and lives of everyone using them and satisfy his high taste through four stories of colors”. 
The four stories listed under outstanding headlines are: "authentic Earth," "pure expression," "cultural blend" and "precious nature", and drawn by colorful panels with ideal touches, very magnificence and beautiful, the first expresses loyalty to the heritage, the second restores the sense of balance and quietness, the third leads to explore the cultural patterns, and the fourth reflects a sense of wealth and luxury.
According to what AL-Romaih said, AL-Jazeera paints carries between its wings keen zeal and hopes that, colors of 2017/18 inundate and embellish the life of its customers along the two years.
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