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AL-Jazeera Paints Includes Drawings and Creations of Disabled Children within Its Programs of Social Responsibility

January 02, 2017

Honored by Disabled Children's Association for Sponsoring and Supporting the Program

AL-Jazeera Paints, giant of high-quality paints industry in the Middle East and North Africa, included drawings and creations of disabled children program "greetings cards" within its programs of social responsibility for the current year 2017.

This coincided with honoring the Disabled Children's Association for AL-Jazeera paints during a ceremony recently held at its headquarters in Riyadh, where Deputy Chairman of the Association  Board of Directors, Dr.Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Suwailem, handed memorandum trophy to Mr.Ayman Al-Fahd Al-Ghamdi, representative of the company, appreciating of AL-Jazeera paints interaction, and its support for the disabled children’s drawings and creations program "greetings cards 2016".
Mr.Abdullah bin Saud Al-Rumaih, General manager of AL-Jazeera Paints Company, confirmed that sponsoring of this program and providing support and assistance to the association of disabled children, is part of the company’s social responsibility, pointing out that, at the same time, " our authentic values and noble religious beliefs urge us to support our tender and innocent sprouts, everyone looks forward to please and cheer their hearts and mouths, as well as encouraging them to be creative. "
It should be noted that the Disabled Children's Association, adopted a congratulations card program for more than 10 years to invest the drawings that the association’s children create, which characterized by the possibility of using and presenting them in various occasions.
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