Curriculum development ,training levels,development of training courses and training methods to suit the size of company and future aspirations to broaden the base of trainees to include all employees,agents and customers.

Access to training all parts of the Kingdom through mobile training centers(training cars), sharing comunication and knowledge with Universities and technical colleges and scintific research institutions.

Establishment of Saudi Conference for Paints and Colors periodically, service all segments of community and raise awareness of scientific and technical fields of industry and paints.Quest towards to establishment of strategic partnership with the institute of the general Organization  for technical and vocational Training  service for the local community to become eligible to provide higher Diploma  programs in th area of : Diploma of official sale paints,paint technician Diploma,technician manufacturing of paints Diploma,Diploma of colors and decor.

Completion of the library and electronic library in specialized paints for both Arabic and English ,issuance of books and jornals specialized in paints.

Partnership with the largest scintific research institutions in the world of paints at the international level such as : SSpc group -USA ,BCFGroup - British, A british Master Painerts Institute, BCMA - British.

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