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Initially we thank you for visiting Jazeera Paints You are requested to read these Terms and Conditions before you start to use the website or materials display herein.Upon using this website, it means to us that you accept all the terms and conditions mentioned and if you refuse to accept one of these terms and conditions it is considered a violation to the Website Privacy and in this case we hope you don’t access or use this website or material display herein. Keeping in mind that terms and conditions may be changed at any time without prior notice and such change in conditions is effective immediately upon placed on the website.

Using your personal information:

  • The purpose of the request to use your personal information such as name or means of communication such as phone or e-mail and other such information in this website, for example, when you request job at Jazeera Paints or get the latest news on products. Such data will be saved on computers or other mean to ensure our agreement with you. In addition to that we may collect other information about using of cookies files during your visit to our website in order to develop or know the pros and cons of the website to make it matching your desires and to provide better services.
  • Upon providing personal information you acknowledge and agree that the information provided is complete and correct to the best of your knowledge. In case of providing false information or impersonate other, this may leads to a legal responsibility and terminate our services from you.
  • We will deal confidentially with all personal information you provide to us and we strive to take all steps to protect your information, keeping in mind that we can ensure the confidentiality of information provided to us even if you disclose it through the Internet.
  • We don’t accept responsibility for any breach of security "hacker" except in the case of negligence or willful default on our part.
  • To ensure the protection of your personal information when you provide them, there are some steps you need to follow by searching on how to give personal information in one of electronic searching method.
  • We may give your personal information to a company staff or specialists to do personal interviews when you apply for a job and they may ask you about other information so you should make sure before you contact that they are company’s staff or specialists in the field of employment, otherwise we are not responsible if you fail to make sure of their identity.

General Privacy:

  • We are responsible for all materials that we offer in our website such as electronic catalogs by which you can see our products and you can download it in your own device. Such materials are free from all damages which may damage your device such as viruses and others.
  • We are not responsible for any damage when you use or download any material from other websites or other third parties.
  • We guarantee the credibility of all information we provide to you through our website but we are not responsible for those which display through other websites or other sources.
  • Defamation, harassment or threat or violation of rights will expose you to a legal accountability.
  • We do our best to make this website available at all time and free of errors, but because of the nature of the Web "Internet" may get a sudden interruption for any reason such as maintenance or other and we will try to limit and reduce this inconvenience.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw or amend or add any service we provide on this website without any prior warning.
  • Violation of intellectual property, privacy or public rights will expose you to a legal accountability.
  • Using illegal accounts or programs for the purpose to destroy all or part of the website will expose you to a legal accountability in accordance with the Law of Electronic Crimes issued under decision of the Council of Ministers No. (79) dated 07/03/1428.
  • Violation of intellectual property, rights of publicity or privacy by way of moving or downloading will expose you to a legal accountability.
  • Distorting or ignoring the intellectual property of material you download or take from the website by way of deleting the right of property or change the trade mark will expose you to legal accountability.
  • Transfer, publication or distribution of information without permission from the website or manufacturer's Company will expose you to legal accountability.
  • Using a password, user name, email or identification number which are not belong to you will expose you to a legal accountability.
  • All colors that display on the website may vary in accuracy from Computer to another due to different possibilities of each computer so Jazeera Paints is not responsible for the change in colors.
  • Upon applying for the job with us through the website, we are entitled to ask about you at the competent authorities to know whether you have a criminal offense or other.
  • You can change your personal information or your CV when you apply for the job. Such change must be made before we approve your data; otherwise we will save them until further notice.

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